Thursday, November 17, 2011

Printmaking and Villa Pieve

This week has been a wonderful time at the villa. 
The week has been spent making prints, working on our papers, and trying to organize life. 
The food this week has been wonderful. Today for lunch we had beans and pasta soup. It is one of the best soups I have ever had. When we asked Rossa the cook how to make it, she told us that you just throw in beans, noodles and some herbs. Easy enough right? I will have to see when I get back home. 
Some of the other great foods of the week include parsley seasoned pasta, fish, chicken with some type of red sauce (it kind of tasted similar to quesadilla meat), a delectable dessert of marble cake sprinkled with coco, breaded fried chicken con funghi, zeppoli (a type of fried dough with sugar), and a cheesy meat bread that is common for the Umbria region. 
Today we had a field trip to Deruda to tour the famous Deruda Grazia Majolica factory. It was a really great tour. We learned that they have been non-stop producing hand painted pottery since 1200. The factory was quaint and authentic. Deruda has run into some economical problems in the last few years due to the decline in the United States economy. 
Following our tour of Grazia factory we went to a chapel that had votive plaques made in the majolica fashion. The plaques were there in order to show miracles that had occurred due to the grace of Mary. When I figure out the name of the chapel I can describe this in more detail :) 
Here's an HDR shot that I took of Corciano one of the first nights. 

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