Sunday, November 6, 2011

Fall Break in Sardegna

We have just arrived back from Sardinia, Italy. Nine of my friends and I traveled to Sardegna and spent the 9 days of vacation on the sandy shores of the island. Most days we were able to get out and hike around, run the beach, swim and sun bathe. It was a wonderful experience and full of relaxation and contemplation. 
We had wonderful conversation due to the lack of technology. Yet, it was still hard because the lack of technology made me miss everyone from home. 
We were able to make our own meals. When we first got there we got a bunch of food thinking it would take us through the next day until we got food. After we heard that the walk was over 3 hours and everything was closed, my house did not get into town that day. The next day everything was closed for Dominica/ Sunday. So me and the 5 other people in my house rationed our food and made it until Monday where we made the shopping trip of a lifetime into the small town of Gonesa, Italy. 
When we got into town we went to every grocery store to pick up food for the remainder of our days. It was so funny. Walking with our group I felt like we were a gang going to take over the city. Everyone stared and moved out of our way. When we got to the grocery store we cleaned them out of most of their supplies. There were about 7 marcatos in the entire town and the most we could find was pomadora sauce (tomato) and pasta. We ate lunch in town, picked up some post cards and then headed back to the apartments. On the way back we stopped at a local lady's house and picked up some fresh tomatoes and basilico (basil), she also threw in some hot peppers that she had from her garden. She was so wonderful. We had some broken conversation with her and got spoiled by her generosity. 
Our family dinners at our house were some of the greatest times of life. We had great conversations and bonding moments. Most of our dinners consisted of pasta and pomadora sauch with some basil. A couple of nights we had great American dinners. Josh made us some bbq wings and hobo packets of potatoes, onions, and carrots. It was so good! We all ate without much talking and devoured the greatness. The other different dinner that we had was grilled cheese and tomato soup. The grilled cheese was with mystery cheese that we randomly asked for in one of the marcatos. It was so good! All of the cheese we randomly picked up was so very good and fresh. The tomato soup that we made was out of red pasta sauce, water, hot pepper from the local lady, basilico, and other spices that we had acquired from our bbq night. I shall have to make it for some of you that will be home for Christmas. 
Overall, it was an awesome week of seashell gathering and adventuring around an island. We didn't do much, apart from relaxing and enjoying living on a beach for nine days. 
Pictures to come for sure! 

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