Saturday, November 12, 2011

Back at the villa... back to work

After returning to the villa from our relaxing vacation, it was quite the shock to the system to get back into an intense amount of work. 
On Monday we began printmaking. Each day of the week most people were up until at least 2am working on ideas, drawing the ideas, planning, and cutting linoleum in order to make trial prints this coming Monday. 
In addition, those that went to Sardegna with me were trying to catch back up with family and friends. It was quite the week. 
The weekend was much looked forward to as the week progressed. At the villa Belly Fusion Festival was getting underway and most of the class space and convention rooms were taken over by setup. We were all given tickets to attend the evening events of Belly Fusion. 
On Friday a group of us got up, ate lunch, and then headed to the bus to head into Perugia and do a bit of shopping. It was a bit chilly but quite relaxing to get out and walk around. 
We made it back for dinner and the more contemporary portion of Belly Fusion. There were some very talented women dancing. The show started at least forty minutes late so most of our group took off before the show was halfway done in order to get some sleep. 
Today another smaller group of us got up, went to lunch and headed back into Perugia to show our visiting friend around. The weather was a bit colder and pretty windy up in the city center. The group of us took a small trip to historical sites and did some more shopping. 
We headed back for dinner and then the second round of Belly Fusion. It was another late start and long night of belly dancing. It was all very very good, but yet again I could not last it out so I took off early to have a bit of relaxation time. 
The remainder of this weekend will be spent doing homework and trying to get some pages of the 20 page paper written. 
On a lighter note, here are some photos from our vacation in Sardegna on Porta Paglia:

Sunset from our beach

The beginning hill of our 3 mile walk to town

Colorful vines of fall in Sardegna

The view from our front door

Our night of grilling out over beach wood

Night shots on the beach

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