Friday, October 14, 2011

Villa Pieve Home Like No Other

On Wednesday we had a full day of drawing. It was quite the event. Many people were getting very stressed out about the Italian Trivia Bowl that was kind of our art history final. This made for a pretty crazy drawing class, many were frustrated and others just had to take a breather. 
We studied much of the day here and there. That evening I went for a run with a few other girls and we headed out in a different direction. We ran to a slightly residential area or so we thought... we got back on a road and found out it went straight into a riverbed where the water had run dry, it was interesting. So we ran back and followed part of our original loop. 
Dinner was good I believe we had sausage, some type of pasta, and fruit for dessert. I am still waiting for the dessert of the first evening to come back! 
On Thursday we had art history, lunch, art history, Italian, Photography meeting, and another session of yoga. It was wonderful! The sun was in the perfect place for wonderful photos. We got some good pics and had a relaxing moment of rest. Following dinner we had our Italian Bowl. It was quite fun. My team got second and won a bottle of wine. Following the Trivia Bowl we all got together and hung out sharing the wine. Everyone staying at the villa came out and hung out and we played the vegetable game. The vegetable game is similar to the game signs but you have to talk the whole game without showing your teeth. It is super fun! 
Today we had the day off so a large group of us went into a nearby town on the lake. We had gelato then caught the ferry to Isola Maggiore. It was so wonderful! I thought Corciano was true Italy then I get to Maggiore and find the dirt paths the olive groves and the beach. Most of us brought our swim suits. It was not hot out today and on the Isola it was actually really windy, but we got in the water anyway :) It was freezing, kind of rocky, but great all the same. After hanging out in the water for a while we came out and a few of us had cuts on our feat from crustaceans on the rocks. It was still worth it :) We headed back on the ferry and train, then got picked up and headed to the villa. What an adventure! 
Tomorrow is the chocolate festival and it is going to be so wonderous! 
(These photos are from around the villa. The first is our bamboo mini forest, second is one of the vines with the Italian Countryside behind, the third is our villa and conference center used as classrooms, the fourth is our roommate pic)

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