Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Museo, Museo, Museo, DOME!!!

What a week it has been thus far! 
The first night in Fierenze we kind of relaxed and didn't do much. But after the first full day we decided to see what the night had to offer. We passed a piazza right near our hotel that had a live authentic Italian band playing so we got our camera gear and sketch books to capture the night life. It was a fun night. We sat in a group and sketched whatever we so desired. Some people walked past and thought we were street artists, others talked to us and we were able to make some connections in Perugia! It is funny how small the world is. Later we were joined by three Moroccans who sat and talked with us. I say talked, by which I mean, I think I got proposed to... Thank goodness for Bene and his body guard skills... aka he took time lapse of the event and laughed at the miscommunication. So we continued back to the hotel after our new friends/fiances left us. 

The next day we headed out to visit some more museos and churches. They were pretty interesting but also kind of tiring. After the last church we went up to Bottiecelli's dome and climbed it. There were 463 stairs to the top and it was completely worth the 8 Euros. 

We had some great lighting for photos and awesome views! 
That evening we had dinner at our new favorite place, then picked up some chocolate and wine. It was a splendid high class evening. The chocolate we purchased was a giant brick of Hazelnut chocolate! IT WAS AMAZING! I highly recommend. 

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