Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Lindt Truffle to Kick off the Day... YES PLEASE!

When a chocolate festival comes to a town near you, it would be ridiculous to squander such opportunity. On Saturday we woke up early and headed into Perugia for the Euro Chocolate Festival. We rode the public transportation up to the festival and were amazed. There were tons of people! There were many many booths of just chocolate as far as the eye can see. There weren't as many free samples as we thought but the chocolate was pretty reasonable. The weather was unnaturally cold for the weekend, apparently it was the weather they usually get in December. Needless to say we were pretty cold. I actually didn't eat that much chocolate, instead I purchased a hat to ward off the weather. We ventured around and eventually headed back to the villa with plans to come back later in the week. 
On Sunday most people slept in late some even until lunch. I got up to see Mark and Rhett off. It was a sad day to see two great assets to the trip take off back to life in the states. Every week feels like a million years here so it was like our family was leaving. I had a great talk with Rosella Vasta and I got to venture into the villa chapel which is a very great place to reflect. 
It was chilly again on Sunday but we all spent most of the day regrouping and planning our week vacation. Our meals that day were amazing. We had a stroganoff type pasta dish for lunch and then I believe another pesto pasta for dinner. 
Monday we spent in the studio and out in the lawn drawing. We spent most of the time with charcoal which did a number to our hands but it was so fun. I am a big fan of charcoal drawing and the many effects you can accomplish with it. We have three big projects we are all to be working on before next Thursday so that slightly stressed some people out. I am waiting for a moment of inspiration... which I might find here in a little bit :) 
Today we went into Perugia again to visit a museum and monastery gardens. Before we went to the museum we had time to get some coffee. It is appropriate to order cappuccino in the mornings so that's what I did. While we were in the little cafe drinking the excellent cappuccino the owner brought around Lindt Truffles and gave us each one! What a great way to start out a day! My spirit was boosted immediately and we headed off. The garden was great and had an awesome view of Assisi. Rosella explained the garden to us... At one point she explained the dark part of the garden as the place for hermits. She said, 'a person goes into the dark forest with fear and gets lost, but in doing so finds themselves.' I thought that was a good way to put it. In wandering through the darkness and the unknown we are able to find ourselves. Maybe that's what we are all doing on this trip. It sure seems like it. 
The remainder of the day was spent going back up to chocolate fest and venturing around. We are now having siesta and some people are working on homework until dinner. 

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