Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Italy, Yoga, A Castle, and Running in the Riverbanks

It has been quite the day. Not only did we study half a semester worth of material in Art History today we also came up with a new game. The pope game was fun, coming up with words in which pope could be substituted for part of it (inapopriate, popetarts, etc.). But during the second half of Art History, someone was blessed with an epiphany, a new game! No longer is it the pope game but the Mew game. Same game just using mew instead. Get your pets spayed and mewterd, mewtramony, teenage mewtant ninja gattos, etc. It kept us occupied and laughing for the remainder of the day... and shall probably continue for... ever. 
We also had some great lunch of spaghetti then headed off to our first official Italian class! It was crazy fun. We will have a good time with it i hope. It might be rough at the start. 
Following Italian lessons, our wonderous professor of drawing Julia lead us in yoga in the shadows of the castle in the backyard. It was amazing, peaceful and relaxing. The sun was setting and hitting us and making great light across our overlook of the Italian countryside. When we finished Julia lead us in a relaxing time of 10 minutes of (insert the proper sanskrit word for ending relaxation technique). Needless to say it put more than a few of us to sleep. 
When yoga was up me and a couple others went for a run, got to a stopping point when the road turned into a river bed and didn't lead anywhere. 
We had dinner and listened to Rosela's story of her latest art happening. It was grand! And following this a few of us went to take star trail pics. 
It was quite the day and I am exhausted beyond all reason! Pictures to come I promise!

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