Tuesday, October 4, 2011

First day in Fierenze

The first full day in Fierenze has been quite the adventure. We woke up to head to breakfast. Now that there are four girls in the room it is a little bit more of a challenge to get ready so quickly. We were still nearly on time. 
Breakfast was pretty good. It was sad that we no longer had Sidique to serve us but there were many more options. 
We all met up and Jim gave us the run down on all that was going on in the Santa Maria Del Fiora. Then we headed over and visited the museum. It was great and then we got up and found that the museum had Mary Magdalene by Donatello. It was great! She is such a powerful sculpture. 
From the museum we headed out to find some lunch. We had a good little adventure and found a Kabob place (kabob here means it's chicken/turkey on a spit type thing like gyro meat). It was so good! And it was exponentially less expensive and more tasty than the food in Rome. Following lunch we headed to a gelato place where the owner helped us sample all of the gelato and learn the names in Italian. He also told us that it was all home made gelato! It was AMAZING! 
When lunch time was over we got in line and headed into the church. It was a wonderful church a lot less busy than the St. Peter's Basilica. It had a great depiction of the last judgement in the apse. 

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