Saturday, October 1, 2011

End of Rome and beginning of Fierenze

Since there is a 15 min time limit on the internet... and the key board doesnt have the punctuation in the same spot I shall make this a little short. 
The end of Roma was spectacular! We met some friends when we went out on the town. And yesterday we had an authentic Italian meal which was great. The girls at the table had a rough time because they werent going to bring out our next course until we had finished the course before. It was a little rough and we were all very full afterwords. 
The train ride today to Fiernze was great. It was fast and our ears popped a lot but it was good. We got to our hotel and toured the market and around the town a bit. We found some laundry detergent and did some laundry in the tub. It has been a good couple of days!
I shall blog more when I find internet for my computer ;)

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