Thursday, October 27, 2011

Chocolate and bread festival in Corciano proved to be quite a wonderful experience. Me and a few friends headed up to Corciano and found the little city to be quite full of people. We bought tickets for all of the spots and then headed around town to test the chocolate. It was so great! We found many new places to either purchase goods or hang out, not to mention we had some awesome chocolate goods. 

At the end of the route there was the best hot chocolate that I have ever tasted. We all drank the hot chocolate and decided we would walk back. But just then a kind Italian man gave us his extra tickets for the booths... and then!... Another kind Italian man gave us his left over tickets! So the four of us got to go around to all of the booths again because only one ticket from each strip was used up! Talk about fantastic! 
By the end of the second loop we decided we should probably head back because it was getting cold. But then we heard music. So we went to the piazza and found a dancing marching band called the Perugia Funking Band. They were dancing and playing pep band/ jazz music in the square. It was AMAZING! When they were done with a song the started walking away... and everyone in the square followed... So we decided we must also follow the band. They went all around town stopping at every piazza and booth to do a song and dance number! I cannot describe how wonderful it was. It turned out to be an amazing day! 

The start of this week has been quite hectic but also very relaxed compared to last week. Monday was spent in the studio working on projects and getting everything done for final critique on Thursday. Tuesday was more studio time as well as the afternoon full of Italian class. There is so much to learn! On Wednesday the day was spent in the studio and the evening was spent in Assisi watching Rosella Vasta's inspired performance of The Table of Silence. I had taken pictures of the dancers on Sunday while they were practicing so again I helped collect some images during the actual performance. That evening was spent working furiously on the last finishing touches of the artwork for critique. It was a fun time in the studio for sure. 

Today we had the critique and tomorrow we all get kicked out of the villa for a week to go and travel. A group of us is heading to Sardinia which should be wonderful. I am sure there will be many tales to tell! 

This is my picture that I enjoy the most of my pieces in critique, it started out as a joke and just a fun piece to waste time on but then it turned into something I had never done before. 

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