Monday, October 10, 2011

Balliamo and Great Great Fragolas!!!

We are here at the villa and it is quite amazing. What is amazing you ask? Everything! But the most pleasant thing is the food. I cannot describe how wonderful the tastes are of this food. I have sat at each meal and thought I might die of delight in food. Here is a little list of what we have had to eat so far. Note- all of these dishes sound and look like ordinary things that you get/ could make any old day. In reality they are extraordinary dishes of food that explode with flavor in your mouth and make you want to cry. 

Saturday Dinner: 
Bread and great Cheeto's, bottle of red wine, Pasta with creamy slightly chicken tasting sauce, Beef and pea soup/stew, Lemon cream cake type thing

Breakfast- little baby croissants, yogurt, coffee, etc. 
Lunch- Lasagna (sooo creamy and delicious), potato wedges, fried mashed potatoes, salad, and bread 
Dinner- Bread, Pesto Pasta, chicken and mushrooms, mashed potatoes, delectable cake made of flaky floury layers alternating with custard and cream topped with Whipped cream and fresh strawberries (TO DIE FOR!!!), And grapes unlike any I have ever tasted in my life!

Breakfast- similar to what was before
Lunch- Frijoles and Pasta stew, salad, plums, and bread with oil and flavoring on it! 
Dinner- Alredo, bread, sliced roast with the most delicious gravy I have ever tasted in my entire life, salad with potatoes, and the same dessert as last night which I was soooo happy about! 

Sunday provided other fun activities. We got to catch up on sleep and then had a nice run up the hill to Corciano. It was quite enjoyable. When I got back and showered a group of us went up the hill again to Corciano for their wine tasting festival. I have never been to a wine tasting, and this was a great place to start! We tasted many different wines and I was able to figure out what makes a wine different from another. All of the wines were local and we bought a few bottles. You'd think that great wine would be expensive, but no it was in the range of 4-20 Euros a bottle! I want to take one of these vineyards back home with me! 
After wine tasting we went back down the hill for dinner. Following dinner we went up the hill again to listen to the live band. We ended up staying in the piazza in Corciano for a few hours. When we arrived the band was playing to about 4 people. But we got in there and started dancing and enjoying all of these great opportunities that we are able to have and the people started coming. When the band was done we went and chatted for a bit and got their info so we could go see them again for their next show. It was an amazing night, rich with culture and good company! 
I am full of good food and good company! What a great place to be :) 

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