Saturday, October 8, 2011


The past week has been full of adventure. Not only did we get to see Michelangelo's David but we also got to develop some great connections with some of the restaurant owners/servers. This week has lead to a favorite place called Ali Doner Kababs. They gave a student special and that was enough to get us to walk out of our way for lunch every day. It was delicious! We also found a family run and owned 'Snack Shop' where we found cheap pizza and sandwiches. In addition the sweet old man that owns it would always give us glasses with ice and free pastries! He was wonderful! 
Our last favorite place was called Yellow Bar. Here we had great dinners and a fun server. The pasta was outstanding as was the pizza. They used fresh olive oil which added a ton of flavor to everything. 
Oh and finally the gelaterria. I stopped in one day because it was close to our Kabab shop and the owner gave us free samples of nearly everything. On later trips to get gelato he taught us how to say different words, and the meaning of bacio in Italian. Bacio means kiss... but it is also a chocolate. The Bacio is a hazelnut enveloped in chocolate. Italians are people after my own heart! HAZELNUT AND CHOCOLATE ALL OVER THE PLACE! 
Other happenings of this week: 
- We met a music producer named Tim Poleman who we made friends with because of Steve Jobs 
- We attended a fireworks show on the river near the famous bridge of Fierenze. (to this day we don't know what we were celebrating. During the show we were celebrating Italian independence day because that was the only celebration we could think of).
- We saw David, he was moving and awesome. 
- We shopped the market and found approached a guy at a leather booth about these bracelets he had had at his shop the first day. Turns out the stands/booths move every day so the fellow we approached and badgered about these bracelets was not the initial guy we had talked to earlier this week. The wonderful thing about it is that this chap made us custom bracelets for us and only charged 2 Euro each. He literally took out bags of scrap leather and leather lacing in order to find what we wanted and make us bracelets right there. AWESOME!

More to come...

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