Sunday, September 25, 2011

Prego= Thank You, Pasta Sauce, Pregnant, Etc?

dWhat a day! We began our day with breakfast that was amazing! What do you ask did the kind man at the front desk serve us for breakfast? Oh yes, he served me a chocolate croissant!!!! Really? The first morning spent in Roma and I already get served a chocolate croissant, only my favorite breakfast item ever! 
In addition to this I was served a bread bowl type breakfast food that was super tough but good. I ate it with some jelly and it all turned out alright. 
After breakfast we headed to the Museu Capitolli and looked at the many carved marble and bronze cast statues of old Roman rulers and royalty. It was a great show and full of so many things that are way cooler in person that seeing in a text-book. I do enjoy kinesthetic experiences as opposed to the alternative. 
Once done that the Museo we headed downtown-ish to get food. We bought panninis and sat around the Pantheon to eat. It was amazing! We walked a little ways and got gelato. 
The remainder of the evening and night was spent resting, uploading photos, traveling to see the Fountain Trevi, and doing that all over again to see everything with less people. The Pantheon has become our little tradition of the evening, we go and see it at night where it is gorgeous and exudes awesomeness as we sit and contemplate the evening. 
Rome is such a great city! 
Also, after trying to figure out what you're welcome is I discovered many things. One of which was the word prego. Prego not only is the name of a pasta sauce it also sometimes means question, you're welcome, thank you, and pregnant. What a multifaceted word! I might get this language thing down... maybe!

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