Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ciao Colosseum!

The past two days have been packed with walking, looking and wonder! 
Yesterday we spent the day walking around the Roman Forum and seeing the ruins at which many great things occurred. It was pretty sweet, though quite warm, so much of the day was spent searching for some shade to take a little breather in. 
In Roma there are public fountains all over the city that are great to drink from and fill your water bottle from. And they aren't just any old drinking fountain... these fountains are made of marble or stone and are beautiful! 
For lunch a group of us learned the hard way that some places charge just as much for their cokes as they do for their paninis... and they charge a fee for sitting in their cafe. So our 3.5 Euro lunches turned into 10 Euro lunches. 
Following this disappointing meal we headed to the Colosseum. While waiting for the group to assemble we witnessed an undercover cop chasing the illegal dealers of all things kitchy from the surrounding area of the Colosseum. During this chase the lady cop picked up a rock the size of her fist to throw at these merchants who were taunting her and running away. 
We eventually made it inside and had a great time exploring around the few levels and taking in the greatness that some of us had only seen from a textbook. It is soooooo much cooler in the flesh. 
From the Colosseum we headed back to the hotel to rest our feet. That evening a few of us went out and found a restaurant for some pizza... and they marketed no sitting fee and an additional 10% off for our group. It was just what we needed. Coming home after dinner we saw the taping of an Italian movie production and/or Italian Soap Opera. 
Soon we headed to the Pantheon for another evening of talking on the steps. This night we decided to practice the art of Planking and time-lapse photography. It was great to be surrounded by a group of willing creative adventurous friends! 
Today we spent going to different churches and the Etruscan Museo. It was a great day. We spent far too little time in the Museo but I could probably stay there all day in awe of their greatness. Etruscan pottery is a must to see... just when you think you've seen it all you find additional intricate components that completely blow your mind. 
The basillicas were also great. One was built on top of a 4th century basillica which was next to a temple to Mithas. It was like cave diving down through the layers of the Earth. 
Later the group of M girls went out to eat on the way back to the hotel. We stopped at the Irish pub, had a French waitress, and ate Irish, Indian, and Italian-esque foods. It was a great way to experience dinner. Further on the way back we found a great grocery store that we shall frequent again soon. 
This evening we edited photos, relaxed and went to the Pantheon to experience the night life (sitting on the stairs, people watching and talking). 
The streets of Roma are amazing, small and cobble stoned. It has been a great city to explore. 

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